BOSHIDE Factory Price High quality excavator oil filter good price use for SH300 HD1250/1430 SK400 P550065 ME064356 KS138N O-138

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3 months

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Machinery Repair Shops, Retail, Construction works

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New Product 2022

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Guangdong, China

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Oil filter




P550065 ME064356 KS138N


SH300 HD1250/1430 SK400


use for excavator

1.We use imported depth type filter material,circular pore structure,gradient filter,can intercept granule furthest, to extend the service life. 2.We use high tech support materials.High tech support materials can not only play the role of support filter, material and avoiding compressive deformation,but also protect the materials from being damaged during processing. 3.We also use the special spiral wrapping belts,so that filter layers can be connected firmly.Stationary pleated distance ensures the uniform flow when fluid penetrating the filter layer.Not only improving pressure drop,but also extending service life.BOSHIDE is our own brand, we have our own R&D team,manufacturer,brand marketing system, At present,our products have been in several countries in South east Asia,North Africa,South America,Middle East,Eastem Europe has a point of sale or agent. We have 2000 kinds of products,the vastmajority of applications in engineering machinery or truck. Our main products are Air Filter,Oil Filter,Fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter,Hydraulic Pilot Filter,Coolant Filter,Spin-On Hydraulic Filter and Filter Head this industry,our quality is Top10,our all main material is Ahlstrom paper imported from Korean and HV paper imported from American. We accept brand customizatio,Our company has a professional sales team and aperfect sales network. We will combine your needs with theactual situation to provide the best quelity products and the most perfect after-sales service for you.Look forward to our cooperation.1. Our goods are by air/sea/express (DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS/EMS). 2. Once we receive payment confirmation, we will ship within 7 days. 3. Our packing is standard packing or other according to your requirements. 4. We will check and test the product before shipment, and provide the picture to our customers for confirmation.Dry air filter is through a dry filter element, (such as paper filter) will be separated from the air impurities filter. Light vehicles (including cars, micro cars) used in the air filter is generally a single stage. It has a flat or oval shape and flat type. The filter material is filter paper or non-woven fabric. The end caps of the filter element are metal or polyurethane, and the housing material is metal or plastic. Under the rated air volume flow rate, the original filtration efficiency of the filter element should be not less than 99.5%. Heavy-duty vehicles have to have most of its air filters due to the harsh working environment. The first stage is a cyclonic pre-filter (such as vane ring, cyclonic tube, etc.), which is used to filter out coarse and large particles of impurities with a filtration efficiency of more than 80%. The second stage of fine filtration is a microporous paper filter element (generally called the main filter element), which has a filtration efficiency of more than 99.5%. After the main cartridge, there is a safety cartridge, whose role is to prevent dust from entering the engine when the main cartridge is installed and replaced, or when the main cartridge is damaged by chance. The material of the safety core is mostly non-woven fabric, and filter paper is also used.

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